Em-brace It!

I’ve had some aches and pains from having a baby.  Back pain, breast pain, C-section incision pain…nothing unique about any of that.

The one issue that I can’t shake is my wrist pain, something I had never heard new mamas complain about. I’ve always had feeble wrists (got them from my mom and grandma), but most of the time they get the job done. Two weeks after I gave birth, my left wrist started aching and I bought a brace for it.  After a few weeks, the a pain subsided. A month or so after that, both my wrists started to hurt and make snapping sounds when I would do certain things.  To be honest, I sort of ignored it because who else is going to lift my baby during the day and deal with the car seat?!  Then one night I woke up in pain and knew I had pushed myself too far. Basically, my right wrist is in a brace/splint now because anytime I twist or bend it in just a specific way, I scream in pain. Something’s not right and I finally made a doctor’s appointment after painfully going through the motions in the land of denial. Some people think it might be carpal tunnel, but there is no numbness.  Either way, I can’t wait to get this diagnosed, once and for all.  Things I can’t do:

  • Leave the house if I want to actually get out of the car and do something with my baby
  • Remove the car seat
  • Pull out the stroller
  • Put the babes in the B’jorn in less than what seems like 10 minutes
  • Open a bottle of wine in less than what seems like 10 minutes
  • Put my hair up in a way that looks normal
  • Squeegee my glass shower doors (not a big deal since I only shower every 2-3 days now that I have a babay)
  • Twist a jar of peanut butter, jam, pickles, mustard, spaghetti sauce…you get the picture
  • Get that super itchy itch on my back that my left hand can’t reach (I thank whoever invented the back scratcher)
  • Pull up my underwear and sweatpants (I can only do that with one hand. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but try it)
  • Text or type with speed
  • Wash my hair

Then I remember all the things I can do (primarily for my baby):

  • Love her
  • Feed her
  • See her
  • Sing to her
  • Read to her
  • Kiss her
  • Hug her
  • Change her diaper (barely)
  • Sleep 5 hours straight at night
  • Thank my sweet husband for being my right-hand-man when he gets home from work

Obviously, there are SO many reasons I should be thankful for what I am able to do. As super annoying as my wrist issue is, I am trying to make the best of it, knowing that this too shall pass. At least it’s not my left wrist, the hand that I write with. If anyone else is experiencing the same pain, stay tuned to my post diagnosis post. 🙂


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