Snack Freely

Me and football don’t really go together. I tried to make it work for years and years until I finally just accepted that I don’t give a shit. Doesn’t mean I can’t get into a good game, but I’ll be just fiiine if I miss it.  The only reason I look forward to watching games is if it’s in party-like gathering — an excuse to socialize, drink, and chow down. I remember back in college my ex wanted to watch the Super Bowl at his friend’s house (I barely hung out with these people), while I wanted to watch it with MY friends.  He won and I was dreading it.  One of my arguments for not wanting to go is that I wouldn’t be able to snack at will, or snack freely, as I coined it during the heavy discussion of where to go.  Being at a party with people you do not know or feel comfortable around makes the chips harder to grab and the dips harder to dive into. I don’t want to be judged when going for my 5th pig in a blanket.  I don’t want to squeeze in on the periphery of some conversation and feel obligated to chit chat when all I want to do is reach over and dip a chip.  I want to go to a place where I can double dip and not worry about people being disgusted because we’re snacking on the honor system.  Don’t DD even if you’re a little bit sick. Gross. I want to be cozy with my pals. I want to take my jacket off and stay for a while.  I want to snack free as a bird, flitting around a buffet of 7-layer dip, buffalo wings (double dipping wings isn’t acceptable — go ahead and place an extra dollop on your snack plate), and spinach artichoke dip.  I think of that one Super Bowl every year and how starved I was when we left (and drunk because I pretty much only had 3 chips).  Thankfully, this year I was able to snack freely in an easy-grab zone with a comfortable ratio of close friends to strangers.  The pictures below illustrate what I’m talking about, kinda.  Note:  I’m still wearing the brace/splint, but it didn’t stop me from stuffing my face.

Snacking uncomfortably

Snacking uncomfortably

Snacking freely

Snacking freely


5 thoughts on “Snack Freely

  1. god, i love this one! i couldn’t agree more. and you know how we do it around here…the more food the merrier, no calorie counting, triple dip if you want, and don’t plan on driving home 🙂

  2. I too enjoy snacking freely. I feel like there are so many events that I attend and think ‘yeah, yeah, it’s good to see you too – where’s the food?’ In a town like LA it’s funny how so many ladies can spend 2 hours holding a cocktail and eating one grape or one cheese cube, yet I am the gal who also loves to find the cupcake stash, the melty-cheesy dip, or the deep-fried anything. I also find myself recommending all of these items to other party guests so they can join in the pig out with me and I won’t feel like such a heffer. Here’s to taking full advantage of party platters! Keep it up girl, and I will do the same

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