Big Bear

One of the coziest trips one can take is to rent a cabin in the mountains.  Necessities: snow on the ground, a working fireplace, a hot tub (preferably STD free), a deck with views of the mountains, splashes of plaid, images of bears and deer infused into the decor, and a good amount of liquor. Last year Ernie and I went to Big Bear for a New Year’s ski trip with some friends. While I’d rather stay at one of these places, the house we rented had its own unique flavor of charm.  I don’t ski because I am not athletically inclined, nor did I start skiing when I was 2.5 years old, but in my ripe late 20’s.  It just wasn’t part of my Indian-y upbringing, but that’s a whole other post.  Since I don’t ski, I usually just hang out at the house and/or at the various bars at the bottom of the mountain while my husband skis his heart out.    This year we went to Big Bear again for a post New Year’s ski trip with some of the same friends. Let me just say that A LOT has changed in one year…

BIG BEAR 2011 – The Vodka Series


BIG BEAR 2013 – The Chair Series


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